Deconstructing The Myths Around Passing Hair Drug Test

Drug tests have become a norm rather than an exception in today’s world that is becoming increasingly aware of the risks of drug abuse at workplace, schools and in professional competitions. To help cure organizations of the challenges of low employee productivity and increased the cost of employee welfare, drug testing institutions and agencies have developed robust and most accurate methods of testing for drugs. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have read various forums about drug tests and are probably looking for the answers to many questions that you are yet to find resounding answers about.

Many people, especially those who have been on drugs for one reason or the other, dread drug testing. But should you be afraid of drug tests? Well, you are the answer is neither here nor there. But what we know is that you can be worried if you do not know how you will beat the test and land yourself that dream job you have worked so hard to find. Many people have tried numerous ways and failed while other people claim to have made it through in almost similar ways. So what exactly makes a good trick to pass a hair follicle drug test? Fortunately, we are here to help you understand that it is possible to obtain passing results whenever you have been called to undergo a test.

If you have just been offered a job and you have been told they are willing to hire you, only to hear that you need to pass a drug test, all you need to do is take a deep breath and look for the trusted ways to pass the test. Here are some of the ways you can pass your upcoming hair follicle drug test. Note that not all the methods will work for you and some will suit you while the other may not depending on the circumstances.

Shave the Entire Body

Studies have shown that it takes an average of 5-7 days for drugs to show up in your hair follicles. This means that you can have a drug-free hair five days after the shave. For instance, if you smoke on Monday night and shave the entire body the following morning, small and tiny hair follicles will have shown up by Saturday. This new tiny hair may not contain traces of the drug or its components on this day. However, it is more likely that the drugs will show up five days later and the test will return positive drug results. The question that could be in your mind is “is this option a realistic one?” Well, there is no straight answer to this question but you can try this before the actual test.

Remember that if you do not have hair on your head, you will be asked to take tiny follicles from other parts of the body. It is not always practicable for any person to shave his or her entire body and have no hair at all! Even if this is possible, the person taking the test would be suspicious of the whole thing.

Light Users May Have Reprieve

Are you a light user of some type of drug and wondering if you will pass the test? Well, the light user loophole can work for you. The light user loophole method is not meant to reveal light users of drugs or occasional users for that matter. Assume that you smoked a bowl of weed about a month ago and you smoke again two or three weeks later. Since it is clear that you have consumed a small dosage of the drug, the test may return the results as undetected. This method may work for you since the laboratory tests are designed to reveal patterns of moderate to high drug consumption. While this trick may work for one hitter quitter, it can be a little tricky if you have been consuming dosages higher than this case scenario. Remember every person has a different way of reacting to drugs since what may appear a small dose to one person may prove so huge to someone else. This means it is not possible to quantify the amount of weed you can get away with during the test.

The Most Effective Detox Shampoo

The market is full of hundreds of detox shampoos that claim to deliver the results that people looking to pass drug tests want. However, only a few detox shampoos have been proven effective while most of them fail because of their inability to break through the follicle and remove the traces of drug components. The good news is that the Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo or Old Style Aloe Rid detox shampoo will deliver the best hair follicle drug test results and will prove invaluable in removing the drug toxins from deep inside the follicles. Remember that it is the old version of the detox that works effectively and not the new version.

You can use the Old Style Aloe Rid every day some few days before the test and you will be in the best position to beat a drug test. It is recommended to start using the product 3-10 days prior to the test. Alternatively, people who have short notices of a drug test may take 3-4 showers every day. It will work if you let your hair to be soaked in the shampoo at least 4-10 minutes before rinsing it. Remember to focus on the scalp since this is where the toxins settle. The product is designed with a deep-cleaning formula that does not harm the scalp or the hair but instead removes all manner of traces of drugs from the hair.

If you are asked to take a urine test, some artificial powdered urine can work for you since they are manufactured based on the chemical formula of natural urine. However, be sure to carefully mix the powder and keep it at the right temperature to avoid any mishaps. Is the test worthy the struggle? If the test is so critical to you, you should not gamble or take high risks with less trusted tricks. Rely on expert advice and get the right product from reputable sellers to secure the best test results during your upcoming drug test.

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